5 Key Reasons Why We Want to Achieve Success

5 Key Reasons Why We Want to Achieve Success
5 Key Reasons Why We Want to Achieve Success

Maybe for some people the title above is a bit odd or confusing. But I beg you save your confusion in advance until you finish reading discharged the whole content of this article. Hopefully, at the end, you can understand what I mean by ' reason footnote '.

This article is a continuation from my previous article: what does success for you.

Every day we think about dreams or goals. Every day we go forward step-by-step towards the success we desire. Often we are too focused on our dreams so that we don't have time to think about why we have to achieve success. What is the reason for our success? Do we really want it?

Indeed it looks like this is a trivial thing, for what reason, I think I'm right should focus on achieving my dreams. Trust me when you managed to find a reason why you want to achieve success, you will be more explosive when you successfully achieve your success.

To further clarify, I am asking for your help to imagine the success is a journey. Travel can sometimes be felt easily and sometimes very difficult. Success can also be a short trip or a very long journey.

Then try to remember back just one example of your small successes. The jump was at a point where the road to success began. Feel your feelings and emotions at the time.

What is the reason you determine the goal or dream you?
What is the first step that you take the time and how do you do it?
Try to identify any factors that motivate you or your uplifting to go ahead?
Also, identify what are things holding you back? How do you overcome such problems?
Are you really happy or maybe even disappointed that dream or your goal is not to make you feel satisfied?

No need to worry if the above questions complicate you. To help answer it, I will elaborate on the 5 main reasons why we want to achieve success.

1. We want to achieve success because it is part of our life plan.

Success is closely related to the plan are important in our lives such as graduation, get the job coveted job, start your own business or start a new relationship. Achievement against plans this is a success for us. Each of these achievements brings positive feelings and emotions because we knew that the plans were successfully met and it indicates that we have made a real progress.

2. We want the benefits of a success.

In many cases, we want to feel the benefits obtained with respect to accomplishment a success. In our minds, has embedded a statement that there is a strong bond between the success achieved with the benefits obtained. This led to the success of the bond becomes very we want and we enjoy the process.

3. We love the feeling of victory.

The achievement of success is a very positive experience that adds value to our self and our ego and toss. The achievement of success can be said to be a personal victory. People love victory. This is a feeling that is very reasonable. When two children playing a game, each of them wanted a victory. Although there are prizes up for grabs too, they don't bother. Far away in the bottom of our hearts, including the two children, we love the feeling of being a winner.

4. We want the encouragement/stimulus in our lives.

Knowing that there is a dream or a goal we want to achieve, will stimulate us to act. The more challenging the dream/goal is, the more powerful is also the feeling of success. This will make our lives always excited. We will be motivated for the achievement of a dream/goal and challenging. Automatically we will always evolve into better and better to a higher level.

5. We want to compensate the failure-the failure of the US in the past.

We've all experienced a failure. Such failures are extremely not going sour and were an unavoidable thing in our lives, but of any such failure, there is always a positive learning. These failures can rekindle the spirit of us in reaching for dreams. We suffered a defeat, but we wanted a victory at the end. A victory would compensate for all of our bitter experience while experiencing failures.
This is often the basis of why we want to achieve success.

Hopefully, the above things can help you find the reason why you want to achieve a success.