9 reasons You Are Rich

9 reasons You Are Rich
9 reasons You Are Rich

Although the current condition of the economy is experiencing a recession and overwrite the entire nation in the world, it is important to remember that we actually have the wealth that often we don't realize. The wealth of many people interpreted as things related to materialism or luxury. Whereas this definition is too superficial.

Try to consider the list below, 9 reasons to suggest that you actually are rich:

1. You are not in the empty stomach while sleeping last night.

Did you know 50% * people on Earth still suffers from malnutrition?

2. You still sleep in the House, not in the outdoors.

Did you know 80% of people on this earth are still living at home who do not meet the standard?

3. You still have the option to wear what you would wear today.

There are still many people on this earth, we often refer to it as homeless, living in the open nature and just has a pair or 2 of most pairs of pants and a shirt that's already shabby to wear.

4. You still have enough money in your wallet.

In the past, I quite often had events like this. When I want something, but the money in my wallet is insufficient even empty several times. I was pissed off all the time. But eventually, I realized that I was still lucky.
If we look back on the environment around us, there are still many people who are content in their wallets just enough to meet the needs of today's it, while for the next day they do not know where it will get it.

5. You do not live in fear.

You can imagine people whose lives are in the midst of battle. Each day they think if they can still enjoy tomorrow or not.

6. You can still bathe and drink from the clean water.

You've probably seen people are bathing and washing clothes in the river that was not clear yet, full of waste. You may also read a piece of news in the outback, people to get clean water should run until the road away.

7. You can still go to the doctor when you are sick.

Did you know 1% * of the people on earth are in a State of dying/almost died?

8. You can still get access to the internet.

Did you know less than 1% of people on this earth that has a computer?

9. You can read.

Did you know 70% of people on this earth are not yet able to read?

You can add each sequence to 10, 11, etc.

To be sure, the gist of it all is that you can be grateful for all the things you have and get. You have a much better life compared to others.

* The above Survey conducted by Philip m. Hartner from Stanford University Medical School of the Americas.