How To Know Someone Is Lying?

9 reasons You Are Rich
9 reasons You Are Rich

Capable of knowing someone is lying to you will really help your life for the better. Try to imagine a short.

– Do you have an uncomfortable feeling if you can't immediately find out that someone is telling a lie to you?
– Do you live a life where you communicate with many people and often you have a feeling it looks like someone is lying to you but you cannot identify it?

Actually, the answer is simple. Take a look at what you're talking about, look at the eyes and his smile. Why? Because ..... body language can not lie.

I'm sure we've all been getting an experience where we listen to someone tell a story and even though her words sounded reasonable and real, but there is ' something ' that tells us that it looks like this guy is not telling a truth. ' Something ' is actually a message from the brain that wants to protect us. Our brains have an incredible ability to read quickly all we see and decipher the signs/signals. The more often we train our brains to analyze something, the more quickly and accurately the ability of our brains.

There are 2 ways people interact with each other: the words and body language. Sometimes one of these two ways to dominate the other, but usually they act together-together. In a nutshell, the way it works is as follows: after the brain analyzes words and body language we're talking, the brain will send a message to us, which will make us react positive or negative as suspicion, confidence or doubt.

When 2 this way, words and body language shows a synchronization, meaning we're talking and we managed to get an effective communication and information submitted is an honesty. But what if there was a contradiction between the words spoken by the way we pronounce it? I've read that there is over 1 million body language. So we're here talking about the signs/signals a remarkable number. But once again as I have said above, the more often we analyze this body language, the more clever nor do we interpret whether the caller we're talking lies or honesty. Sometimes we have to combine the 2 to 3 body language to get an accurate conclusion.

Before we talk more how to know someone is lying or not, it's good you know the first 4 types of liars:

1. An occasional Liar

We all certainly never done during the life of the lie. Occasional no ordinary liar lied, just because of a few reasons they do, perhaps because it wants to protect himself, his friend, the man she loves or someone else. Keep in mind that behind every lie there is always a fear. Fear of confronting a reality. Liar occasionally thinks of exactly what he was saying so would seem reasonable. But because of their unusual body language lying, still shows many signs/signals that indicate that they're lying. So it's not too hard to identify the type of liar like this.

2. A liar so many times

Liars many times are the ones who lie ' with regular '. Unlike the occasional liar, Liars many times do not have time to think about the lies because they lied throughout his life. But they actually realize that they are lying. These people are often stuck with actions that they do not coincide with what they utter.

3. A natural Liar

Natural liars are those who lied constantly and often they do not realize that they're lying. Body language they look very natural, because accustomed to lying. But when they are pressed with questions that are cornering, body language showed the contradiction that identifies that they are hiding something. Type of liar somewhat similar to the naturally occurring many times. Maybe you've heard the term ' knowledgeably ', Yes this is one example of a natural liar type.

4. Professional Liar

This type of liar lied to a specific destination or deliberately wanted to mislead us. They learn everything possible and know exactly what they want to say. They create a scenario, taking into account the risk of failure and making backup plans. Although they are trained to use the language of his body, but there is always there is the little things that have been missed by them. We can know the little things with often observe of course. One example of the type of liar like this is the salesman, apologize in advance that I am referring to here is the salesman who is too much promotion of a product when the product has a very low quality. Another example is the corrupt politicians, they deliberately mislead the public for personal gain.

How can you tell when someone is lying?

It doesn't have to be a psychologist to be able to learn and find out that someone is speaking lies or honesty. A psychologist who had become able to know exactly the patient is lying or not, as the Princess Diana interview psychologists at the time. He stated that Princess Diana says honestly when interviewed about the infidelity of her husband, Prince Charles.

You can analyze it like that with the continuous exercise of course. Psychologists can because they are accustomed to reading and analyzing people every day.

As has been mentioned above there are a million different body language, I'll summarize some common course that shows that someone is lying or not:

1. The position of the body can be evidence to suggest that someone is lying, because unconscious or there is realized a strong link between thought and expression.

2. A sudden Breath. In every lie, heart rate will increase and your breath will be shallow/rapid. Usually, a liar would take the breath deeply to soothe his feelings. This way is also applied by the machine lie detector, i.e. by measuring the heart rate of the person being interrogated/interviewed.

3. Anxiety in parts of the body. This can be seen in different ways, depending on the person. The nervous movement will attract us, especially we can feel when we talk to someone we know and the person doing the movement not as usual. Here is an example of unease on the part of the body:

– The movement of the body that moves, whether in a standing or sitting position.

– The position suddenly changed. For example, we're talking to are crossed one of his feet on the other foot, and when it begins to answer the question, he changed the position of his feet. People who lie, though he's a professional, will feel the discomfort when he's lying. The body will always adjust our feelings without we realize, so the position suddenly changed this is a good signal showing that someone is lying.

– Movements of the unconscious of the hands and feet. For example: shaking a leg, shaking hands on the table, both hands glued together strong-strong second thigh, pressing each other together. If we're talking to are in a sitting position and then he changed the direction of the soles of the feet towards the other, it is also a sign that the person is lying.

– A fake Smile. A smile identical to the familiarity and trust, and the liar often abuse it. So what distinguishes a smile a liar? The liar will usually smile quite often and suddenly, which is actually not in place he had to smile.

– Too much action ' airs familiar ', such as Pat your back, touching you or hold his position on you. You're talking to will feel awkward when lying so they would hide the awkwardness of her by performing such actions. Will be very difficult to decide that someone is lying if he did friendly actions like that. This is a natural human response. But keep in mind, that if you feel that the familiarity of the caller is already excessive, beware.

Another one, a very popular wisdom says that "when someone is lying will be clearly visible in her eyes.", maybe you also never heard it. But for me the way it's quite hard to do compared to the ways above.

Dear readers, hopefully later on when you're talking with someone, you can already analyze whether the person is lying to you or not.