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Monday, 5 December 2016

Surefire Way To Cultivate Patience

Surefire Way To Cultivate Patience
Surefire Way To Cultivate Patience

How can one cultivate nature of fortitude? How resilient people are facing all kinds of possibilities, while others easy to despair when having problems. 

Here are 3 surefire way that is highly recommended to foster resilience:

1. Focus on a successful Outcome

When you fall in prostration and none of your friends who may be subject to please, who long have that can help you? The answer is in your own mind.

Yup, that's the only one capable of thoughts gets you out of the Valley of disappointment. Not a friend, not the parents, and not also your partner. They are all just given the motivation but only your mind can help you at the moment. If the mind does not ' see ' the end results were successful, you will lose your spirit to keep fighting (shadow of the success in the future will be motivating, if not desperation-you tend to lose).  Most people if they fail then they will despair, not only in terms of the material but also in terms of psychological abuse. This is the danger.

Most people let the results obtained now haunts their thoughts. Suppose your state now ' not good '. If using State ' not good ' as the Foundation for the mind, you will make ' no good ' awareness in mind. If ' not good ' consciousness always channeled into the mind, it will gradually seep into the subconscious mind, and that's when you are caught. That's why there is the phrase, "take control of your mind, you can do anything with it."

2. Surround yourself with Positive things

Have positive things around you will really help you cultivate patience. Positive things can be:
- Pray,
- Listen to motivational tapes,
- Add a picture / poster positive,
- Read books positive,
- Decorate your bedroom with a positive atmosphere,
- Hang out with positive people.

3. Keep away from the fact Concerns None

Say when you attempt failed. You've lost a lot of money and debt that does not have the money to pay it. That's a big problem! You also plagued by other problems dizzying, for example: what anybody else says about you, what their interpretation, what the neighbors said, what the old man said, and so on. All of this becomes a problem, or at least that's what you think.

If we examine more deeply, usually an annoying problem does not actually exist. Actually, there is nothing to think about us. Mostly they only think about themselves. Most people do not have time to think about us.

One recent study said: 93% of the problems you worry about does not actually exist. Only 7% just happened. Of the existing problems are largely not in our control, such as the economic crisis, political stability and so on. So why do we worry about things we can not control?

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