The Magic Started From Little Things

The Magic Started From Little Things
The Magic Started From Little Things

"Success is the accumulation of small businesses, which is carried out over and over again."
– Robert Collier –

Do you have important targets you want to achieve in your life where you just to get it started very struggled? Or targets that you have tried a few times to grab it but always fail. To the extent you think, there are areas in your life that you seem unable to succeed.

You may be a great success in a career, but you can work out the difficulties of regularly at least twice a week. Or you get a smooth opening an effort this year to your diet program but always fail.

The problem you are trying to change too quickly or too excessive. Here I will try to share the experience of how to do a change permanent. This process obviously requires time. I can't give you a way how do changes in the ' last night ' because I've never done it and I think it is unlikely.

Usually, people have the commitment at every year's end to do the changes in the new year. If you're like most people want to do those changes in an instant, most probably you will fail.
Try you now remember-remember back, are there any of your targets this year that have not been fulfilled

I will help remind. You may want to:

– Lose weight by as much as 20 kg
– Quit smoking
– Reduce caffeine
– Jogging to surround the complex every morning
– Woke up at 5 am every day
– Pioneering online business
– ….. (please fill in)

All these targets are important in your life and require a hard effort to change this. It would be better if you do more steps have a pattern and controlled although it takes a longer time. Why? Because once you change, your changes will be more permanent than you do it in a hurry.

Identification of your current position

Before the start of a change, you need to know your current position is where for example: how many of your current body weight, how Rod/wrap you smoke each day, how often do you drink coffee, how many times you work out in a month, etc.

Take small steps to get there

Maybe there will be a very big distance between your current position with what you want to achieve, and you seem to feel powerless, the spirit or the discipline to achieve it.

As I pass on my previous article: how to stay motivated to finish what you've started: If you are only thinking about how to reach your target audience quickly, most likely you will experience frustration/stress.

Split your target (break down) into smaller activities, for example: If you want to lose weight as much as 20 kg, divide the target be ½ kg per week. Yes, you will spend 40 weeks to lose weight, but this time you will surely pass.

Don't underestimate your ability in achieving something by doing the little things. Instead, you try to reach the target audience quickly, by doing things that are ' radicals ', suppose that only eat once a day or drinking a laxative, however after 1-2 weeks you give up because it does not hold. You mean just throwing away your precious time and this fact can actually hurt you: you might be thinking "right, I can't succeed", "right, I can't be consistent and disciplined.", etc.

Okay, enough theory, now I will give some practical examples:

Target: stop consuming caffeine
Current position: drinking 3 cups of coffee per day
Steps: reduce your coffee drink into once a day for the first week (total 7 glasses a week), 2nd week of total 6 cups a week, 3rd week of total 5 cups a week etc.
Total time required: 8 weeks

Target: woke up at 5 am every day
Current position: wake up at 7 am
Steps: plug your work 15 minutes earlier each week – do not directly set to 2 hours! Trust me you will be tormented.
Total time required: 8 weeks

Target: create a 100-page ebook
Current position: 0 page
Steps: every day you write 1 page, except Saturdays and Sundays you write 2 pages. So during the week, you're writing as many as 9 pages.
Total time required: 11 weeks

You can see that the above targets be reasonable and very likely to be achieved with small activities, including the targets you have ever tried but failed to grab it. Whatever you want, you can grab it as long as you do not want instant results. There is no way to achieve instant success.

Hopefully, this article was useful to you. Good luck.