How to Find Happiness in Just 5 Minutes?

How to Find Happiness in Just 5 Minutes?
How to Find Happiness in Just 5 Minutes?

General advice that we often hear about how to get happiness is by changing our habits or attitude. This is great, but sometimes in certain situations, we need an easy and quick way to immediately lift our mental from deterioration.

The good news is there are simple methods that can be raised with instant mental you soon.
Below is a list of ways of how you can find happiness in just 5 minutes, the following explanation of how each of these methods works.

Some tips before you read further: If you just read and then give a mark agrees, you will not experience anything. I strongly advise you to it out. It is not difficult and trusts me you will get something from that method.

1. Write down a list of thanks

"Gratitude is the key to a happy life because if we are not grateful, then how do we have, we will not be happy – because we always want something else or something more."
– David Steindl Rast –

We often don't realise that how a lot of things that we actually can be grateful. I give a little example to provoke your brain: you can eat 3 times a day, you can finish your work, you can go home safely, you can play with your child, you can go for a walk with friends, you can listen to your favorite songs, you are in good health and many more others.

A study says that people whose lives are filled with gratitude reported having no health disorders which means life and feel so much better overall. They even make a positive development over the achievement of important goals in their lives.

This simple exercise 5 minutes I'm sure can change your life:

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Grab a pen.
– Take a piece of paper.
– Rewind your brain since you woke up this morning until you write today.
– Write down five things you are thankful for in your life.
– Do 5 minutes per day to get the benefits of a permanent.

2. Celebrate your sense of loss of the chained

"Happiness always looks small if you just hold it in your hand, but if you let go, you will learn how great and valuable such happiness."
– – Maxim Gorky

I'll give a little illustration: one of the things that make us feel good is when we just got rid of the pain. After all this time we're laying on a bed plus a bad appetite, finally we can feel happiness because we can come back with normal activity.

Okay, this next exercise will create a mood similar to the incident above.

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Plug the alarm to beep within 5 minutes.
– Close your eyes are circular with a piece of cloth.
– Do your routine activity as far as you can afford.
– When the alarm goes off, open the lid of your eyes.

3. Stretch your muscles

"The move is a remedy to make changes to the physical, emotional and mental person."
– Carol Welch –

People who practice yoga have proved that they have the feeling and the body condition is much better, though the sessions they do pretty short. Yoga is indeed not the consumption of most people, and it takes a high commitment to do so. You can replace them with stretching movements. I used to do it, especially after a long sit in front of a laptop. After doing the stretching-stretching, feeling I am getting better.

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Cycle your head slowly clockwise, then counter-clockwise.
– Make your left hand and your right circular towards the front, after that towards the back.
– Cycle your waist. Perform clockwise, then counter-clockwise.
– Jongkoklah to the position of the left leg straightened out to the side. Do the same thing with your right foot.

4. Take a deep breath

"Pull the breather, and God will be close to you. Hold the breath, and the Lord stays with you. Hembuskan breath then you will draw close to God. Keep blowing and abandonment to God. "
Krishnamacharya – –

Do you have a deep breath or shallow? Most people have a shallow breath. To figure it out try to do the following test:
Set on the Palm of your hand on the lower abdomen and take a long breath/in. If your stomach gets into the moment you draw breath, then you belong to has a shallow breath. If instead your stomach is pushed out, then you have a deep breath.
It does not matter you have a deep or shallow breath, do only the things below.

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Pull the breath for four counts (seconds).
– Hold your breath for a count of 16.
– Waste of breath slowly for eight counts.
– Do this as much as ten times.

5. Feel your heart beat.

"Happiness vibrates with every pulse of my heart."
– Emily Logan Decens –

You may have heard the advice: blessed, for your life! We all know that we are indeed alive, and yet we often rarely ' feel ' that we live. The fastest way to realise that your life is to feel the flow of blood through your veins.

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Set of 2-3 of your fingers on the inside of your wrist.
– Experience the flow of blood that flowed on every heartbeat.
– Calculate how many heart rate per minute if necessary.
– Consider what the purpose of your life.

6. Remember your hand trip back

The research found that when you make an attempt to recall the events in your life, then your memory will work for you and will find happiness in such events.

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Open the Palm of your hand and take a look.
– Remember what's been the hand you do throughout your life.
– Provoke back this time as much detail as possible when you managed to remember it.

7. Keep in silence

"Happiness is like a butterfly, where when you try to grab it, he would be getting away from your reach. However, when you sit quietly, he will draw near to you. "
– Nathaniel Hawthorne –

Silence offers a hidden treasure that few people can access it. Many people do not have such access is not because they don't know how, but more towards them does not exactly provide the time to remain in silence. Silence may be very uncomfortable for the first time because you are familiar with the sounds around you all the time.
I recalled one of my favourite songs: The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. For those of you who want to listen to it can click here.

How to find happiness in 5 minutes:
– Turn off the TV and other appliances that emit sound.
– Plug the alarm for 5 minutes.
– Sit and listen to the sound of silence.
– Feel your ear when listening to the sound of silence.

Dear readers, may seven ways above is beneficial and can motivate you.