The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Human

The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Human
The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Human

You've probably never read a book by Stephen r. Covey's Seven Habits of highly effective human beings, which is also one of the international best seller books. If you've never read it, I highly recommend this book to you. A compulsory book that you need to have if you want to develop your personality. You can get it at your favorite bookstore.

On this occasion, I will share to you the human habits from the opposite point of view, namely, the seven habits of a Highly Ineffective human. Seven of this habit you should avoid. You may not realize it because it's already become a habit you every day.

What are the seven habits, let's look together:

1. No ' appeared '

One of the simplest thing but have very large effects for you to succeed – whether it's in the social life, career, finances or health – is yourself-are putting out more often.

What is the meaning of ' appeared ' here? I'll give you an illustration: If you want to improve your health, then one of the most important things and more effective are you appeared at a gym in accordance with your exercise schedule.

Maybe that time weather is not supporting so you feel reluctant once out of the House. But if you keep forcing myself to go even though you're lazy, then you already fix your mental much quicker than you would just sit on the couch while watching tv.

I think this is true in all areas of your life. If you write more often, then one day you will be the author of the top where the results of your writing will always be waiting for people to read. If you often meet or gather with friends, then chances are you met someone special gets larger.

Only with your 'appeared' more often will make a huge difference to your success. If not, you're not going to go everywhere.

2. Postponing job

There are 2 conditions that cause someone suspends its work:

– First, she has a job that very piles up. He confused what to do first. Finally, he's not doing anything.

– Second, he only had a bit of work, so he's thinking of putting it off first.

Regardless of whatever condition you, below are a few ways you can do that you can get out of the habit of delaying this:

– Do the heaviest and most important tasks first thing in the morning. A good start in the morning will make a positive momentum so you will live out the rest of the day with more vibrant.

– You may often hear a joke: how to eat an elephant? Don't eat it in one bite! If you just think of tasks that accumulate are waiting for you, your head can become tired, eventually, will take you on a delay. Split your task into small steps, and focus on the first step. Once done, you can move on to the next small step.

See also:

– If you are thinking to delay a job because you only have a little bit of work, you'd better start thinking how if you suddenly get a new task while the task of the old yet you did. Use always the principle: ' do now also things you can do now '.

3. You are doing something that is actually not important

Another habit that is not productive, in addition to the delay, is your concern themselves with things that don't matter.

To avoid this, write 3 important things you must do every day, whether it's the paper or in your notebook, and start working on it from the top. Even though you are only able to complete one job only, but at least you've done the most important thing you need to do on that day.

Whichever way you choose to organize your work, the main priority remains to find the most important things you need to do each day. This technique is also part of effective time management, so you don't spend your day doing things that aren't important. Complete a job quickly fixed will not mean if you do things that are not important.

I will try to give a simple example. Suppose you are a manager of a Department is production. A when you make a mistake the fruit so that the resulting products are experiencing disabilities. Which would you choose:

1. You are with your servants repairing the product; or

2. You looking for a solution so that the incident does not happen again.

I think you've caught my point about things that are important and not important.

4. Thinking too long

People who think too long, make it less automatically take action. Stuck in an excessive analysis can be a waste of time-precious time in your life. There is nothing wrong with thinking before doing the action, even badly needed that kind of thing. Do your research, make plans, dig potential-potential benefits as well as problems that may occur.

However, thought, thought and continue to think another way wasted your life. You do not have to analyze all the things from every angle. You can't wait time is exactly the right person to run your action. Believe that time will not come. You also do not need to be worried about what if failure come your way. If you keep thinking and continue to think deeper, then you will be more difficult to take action.

Stop thinking, do now whatever you need to do, go wherever you need to go.

5. Look at the negative side of everything

When you look at everything from a negative angle, then actually you've dropped your own motivation. You find flaws everywhere, and problems that may not actually exist, e.g. When you are looking for an excuse not to do something. I'm sure from a negative angle you will at least find ten reasons.

Another example, you find someone who is willing to listen to complaints about their fate – when in fact no one wants to listen to your complaint – about the work and life you are saturating or your boss that sucks. Know that you will be creating your life according to what you think and how you perceive your environment. If you look at your life so dull, you will have a life that's really dull.

You need to do is none other than you challenged yourself to always think positive for seven days in the future. Take a look at the incredible results that later you would get.

6. Stubborn in your own establishment and to reject the opinions of others

It's hard to admit or are great that your opinion is not the best choice. So you insist on your opinion and close your mind from the influence of others. This condition can cause you difficult to evolve into a more effective personal.

Suggestions for addressing this problem is you realize that humans have an upper limit on the things that he should know. You have to be open to receive the lesson over your own mistakes, the mistakes of other people or other sources such as books.

When your brain is always emptied to receive new things unconsciously, your level has ascended to a higher level, so on. But keep in mind, nor you are stuck as described in number four. New knowledge that you receive, you need to apply and try in your life, don't just be sheer knowledge only.

7. Let the information flooding your brain

The opposite of the above point six, points seven at you instead of letting the whole information flow to your brain without filtering. If you do this, it will be hard for you to think clearly. Some conditions that cause you such as:

– A lot of the information you receive is negative. Media and the environment around you often give negative information, such as fraud, robbery, murder, gossip etc. If you are not selective in choosing the news, you can be negatively affected as well, whether it be in our thoughts, feelings or actions.

– There is an urge within you to always know the most current information, but how fast you are following developments with various tools that you have, there will always be tens even hundreds of new things that happen that you cannot follow. So this can make you a stress.

It's hard to make decisions and take action if your brain is constantly flooded with information. Even you can get stuck doing a habit as mentioned in point 3. You busy and continue to do the work but actually, the job is not important.

To be able to focus, think clearly and take action, it is necessary to your selection even if the need to restrict access to information that goes into your brain, for example when you are completing a job, you do things such as: turn off your phone, the internet and the door of your room. You will see amazing results when you're not interrupted every 10 minutes by email or to your favorite websites.