What Are The Things That Cannot Be Bought With Money?

What Are The Things That Cannot Be Bought With Money?
What Are The Things That Cannot Be Bought With Money?

There are many things in this world that cannot be bought with money, though, the following things;

  1. Friendship – Through love and sorrow together. When you don't have anything, they'll be on your side.
  2. Natural beauty – this is the thing that has always sought by the admirers of beauty.
  3. Peace of mind – can only be achieved if you have an honest heart.
  4. Happiness – true happiness obtained by doing what you love and are in one of the things that you believe in.
  5. Success – a simple success was achieved what you want.
  6. Wonderful moments at a time – When the time passes by, it will not happen again. So enjoy.
  7. The sound of laughter a baby – Baby doesn't care about money. They only care with compassion, love and do whatever they want.
  8. A surprise encounter with old friend – You've not seen it for many years, and thought will not meet him again, but suddenly he comes up next to you.
  9. Top your achievement feeling – you set your target, and you fight until you reach the target. You vent your feelings with celebrating success.
  10. The sound of rain – some people feel the tranquillity by listening to the sound of the rain and make the bed into a deep sleep.
  11. A very interesting conversation – you are involved in an interactive conversation with your colleagues and all involved.
  12. Peck first from someone very special you will have a true heart leapt when you receive a Peck for the first time.
  13. True love – a feeling that comes when you realise that you are married to the right.
  14. No provision unexpected – praise you through the day as usual, but a friend comes to you and says that you are using the clothes that fit with the colour of your skin.
  15. The feeling when you walk up the idea – you're struggling to resolve complex problems that you face. When you're almost frustrating, you try one idea again, and it worked.
  16. The feeling when you listen to your favourite songs – you already feel very pissed that got stuck in a traffic jam, you then turn on the radio and listen to your favourite songs being played.
  17. The passion of first love – You feel wonderful moments are never forgotten by you and your first love.
  18. Memories of your childhood events will be great – do you remember when you first learned a bike? Or climb trees along with your friends?
  19. Fun when telling the story of an interesting – one of the roles that are quite fun in life is when you tell a story, people enjoy your story.
  20. Shared memories of your best friend – when you do crazy things, daring or silly, to the extent you are thinking today, " fall I used to do silly stuff like that?"
  21. The spirit of passion – the true power comes naturally to those who followed his heart. You can't pay someone to passionately against something, so you can't pay someone not to be excited and give up.
  22. Objects that have value for you – for example, family photo or painting yourself by your grandfather ... something very valuable to you.
  23. Friends who laugh – silly his jokes always make your laughter.
  24. The incredible talent you have from birth – such as genius or the vocal cords are clear.
  25. The joy of making someone smile – Because his smiles make you smile back.
  26. Practice using the five senses you – look, listen, smell, feel and touch. Each provides its experience to you.
  27. Joking with friends or family – some of the unforgettable moment in life is the moment – the moment you spend with jokes and laughter.
  28. The warmth of your bed – no extra bed more comfortable than with your own.
  29. Place of residence – money can buy a House, but not a place to live. For the place of residence is where your heart is.
  30. The voice of the wind through the trees – nature sounds can you hear around you.
  31. View and listen to the sound of waves – other Phenomena of nature.
  32. View the sunrise or sunset – especially if done together with your partner a romantic atmosphere will cause.
  33. The sound of silence – peace....................
  34. When he says "I love you" – You know that she is truly from the way he said it and gaze at you.
  35. When someone who is not thought to say happy birthday to you – a friend of the old sudden news conference not call or send SMS to you 7 am just to say "happy birthday".
  36. Got a hug from the one you care about – a warm Hug and in it, makes you want to with him, forever.
  37. Your pet dog welcomes you every you come home – how nice some are welcoming you.
  38. Look at the clouds with a beautiful form – You'll never see the same form for the second time.
  39. Cradling a newborn baby you – Feel your possessions most treasured.
  40. Someone you can trust – He has no ulterior motive. You can tell from his eyes and feel it in your heart. (see how to know Someone is lying)
  41. The beauty of the light of a full moon – many people, utilise this beauty to add to the romance of the couple together.
  42. See the lightning from a distance – A beauty at once something very powerful that you feel at the same time.
  43. Waterfalls – it doesn't matter how old you are as if it never stops flowing.
  44. Looking for the fruit lover or your heart is asleep – the time you feel how sadly you told them.
  45. Rainbow – another natural phenomenon.
  46. Those who make you smile just by imagining it – wherever you are, whatever you're working on, just think about it can make you smile.
  47. Touch the hand of the person you love – it is a touch that will not be owned by someone else.
  48. When you realise that the people are reading your writing – there are no words that can explain it. Thank you.
  49. Joy when someone commented on your blog. All the bloggers love it.

Dear readers, this list is still a small part of the many things that cannot be bought with money. I am sure if you were me ' rewind ' your brain, you could increase the length of the list above.

But the message here is to enjoy this life always. Things that make you happy thus come from things that cannot be bought with money. Therefore, be grateful for all the things that you get, you feel, you see, you listen, and you have currently.