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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Why Don't You Need To Be Concerned With Failure?

Why Don't You Need To Be Concerned With Failure?
Why Don't You Need To Be Concerned With Failure?

If you ever try something new and failed, I am sure that you are someone who is good to me talk to compared with those who felt all smooth-smooth or fine.

People like that in my opinion, never try anything new. But you are someone that is different from where I know? Because you visited my blog and read my articles, which means you want to change your life for the better than it is today. You want to find something new that you can apply in your life.

You have a passion and I'm sure you also had an incredible life experience. Might have been an awful lot of failure that you feel and perhaps also some of you have already gotten to the level of your own beliefs will hesitate to grab what you want. Am I capable of? If I am successful? It seems I am not able to again face failure. 

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Things below are a few points of failure that I want to share with you. I concentrate fully for 3 days putting together this article, hopefully, it can be something useful for you. At least if there are people who greatly helped with this article, of course, it would make me happy because my exertion not useless:)

Failure to create new choices

You may not be able to absorb all of the lessons that you receive from your failures, but nonetheless, it becomes an invaluable treasure for you. The failure also became the right moment where you reflect back your initial goals, look around and decide the reasons why you should never give up.

The best part of a failure is that you will be taken to a street you've never found before.

The new doors will open, your relationship with some people probably will grow strong, in contrast, may also be your relationship with several others become tenuous because you failed.

Failure to train your patience

If you are a person that is quick to temper, especially when you experience a failure, it is the one thing that is very natural. I think almost everyone felt the pique or anger when facing failure. But the importance of the points is never harbored pique or anger you.

The second point doesn't be trying to find things to excuse your failure. Like, I do not have the support of my partner, this is the result I do not have enough capital, I don't have a personal vehicle for my mobility, I was born to a family of small minded individuals, etc. Once you make these things as an excuse your failure, then that will be a part of yourself. You will bring that reason wherever you go so he will poison you.

Please feel free to blast your emotions, certainly within the bounds of reasonable. Maybe you want to explode your emotions with a cry, weep. Maybe you want to explode your emotions by going to the cafe to listen to life music, head to the cafe. However, to be up there. A very bright future still awaits you. Rise up and walk again.

Failure is a source of creativity

Who wants a failure? But if you don't ever hope to experience a failure then the mind you are not stimulated to grow. Failed will encourage you to be more creative.

Try to remember-remember back to your childhood. If you forget, you can look at your own child or little kids around you. They never fear mistakes or failure. They do all the things they want to do without thinking long risk. Sometimes they fall but in an instant, they rose up and running again. They sometimes find a stalemate when doing a game but they do not stop, they tried to find new solutions. As a result of their minds are so creative. We can all follow the pure thoughts of those who have not much contaminated by the surrounding environment.

Failure to optimize your potential

Maybe you have a ' teacher ' in your life or your boss for their career. I believe that a good teacher or supervisor will direct you to dare to take risks. They have a belief that the mind that conservatives will not make out with optimal potential.

The more often you fail, your brain will be increasingly trained to face the problems and how to find the way out.

I believe that everyone has a very great potential with its uniqueness of each. You can find out the awesomeness of the potential you have only with courage facing the problem, there is no other way.

You gain strength with experienced misfortune

Be thankful if you experience failure or misfortune. Because with the failure you are prepared to achieve greater success. You will be forged to be stronger than ever.

I will give you a bit of illustration:

You know the Chinese bamboo tree? If you include people who didn't wait for the growth of a plant, the bamboo trees may already be a victim you.

The Chinese bamboo tree will not show growth means for 6-7 years first, might only grow a few dozen cm only. But after this time, the growth of the Chinese bamboo tree can not be dammed, she grew so fast and its size is no longer a cm but meters.

Actually, what happened to the Chinese bamboo tree? Over the past 6-7 years first, he instead does not experience growth, just that we did not see its growth with the naked eye. The focus of the Chinese bamboo tree growth at that time is at the root, not on the stem. Chinese bamboo trees were preparing a strong foundation so that he could sustain the dozens and dozens of meters in height.
Imagine what happens if the Chinese bamboo tree does not have strong enough roots to support the height? A little wind alone will make it tumbles.

If you often experience a failure and feel far away from the koq success you dream of, does not mean you are not experiencing developments. Thus you are experiencing tremendous growth within you. Mentally you are forged and prepared towards your success. Same is the case with the Chinese bamboo tree.

If you only expect an instant result, whatever it is, your destiny will be like bamboo trees that do not have strong roots. Little jolts, you will fell so hard.

So once again be grateful with all the misfortunes and failures, you will gain strength. For those of you who like to share things with respect to the failure, please feel free to write it in the comments field.

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