5 Things You Can not Do


5 Things You Can not Do
5 Things You Can not Do

I'm sure you've often read articles about things you should do to have a positive life, such as regular exercise, healthy eating, reading books, meditation, and more. But what about things you should not do? Below you will find 5 things I suggest you do not do:

1. Do not Make Bad Loans

Before I explain what a bad loan is, I will explain first about a good loan.
A good loan is when you use it to invest that will add value, such as loans for education or business loans. Loans for education are good because education will improve your skills. Loans for business are good because if the loan is managed properly, your business will generate good turnover and profit for you as well.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad / Poor Dad" bestseller, added that borrowing to buy property is the right decision because a property has a tendency to rise in price.

Bad loans are when you use them for consumption, such as buying a car, clothes, vacation, etc., where all these things will not add value and in fact, someday things will become worthless. If you do not have enough money, unless it is very urgent, do not use borrowed money. High loan interest if not paid will accumulate very quickly. Einstein once said, "The greatest power in the universe is a double flower." If you consume a loan, then that power will start attacking you.

2. Do not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

One of the most important things learned in any financial planning lesson is the spread of risk. That is, you must distribute/split your investment to multiple sources to reduce the risk of loss. Actually, this lesson not only applies to financial planning only but also life as a whole.

Try to think that your life is supported by some pillars. These can be a career, finance, health, relationships with spouses, hobbies, family ties, social communities, etc. If any of these pillars are disturbed, let's just say you lost your job or you have a big fuss with your spouse, you still have another pillar that still sustains you in life. In other words, what would happen if you just rely on one pillar and the pillar is problematic?

3. Do not Waste Your Strength

You are wasting the power you have when you let others underestimate you, when you let others make decisions for you or when you blame your people and your surroundings.

Imagine if you daily earn a certain amount of coins to invest. These coins represent your time, your energy, your attention and your focus.

If you let others hinder you from pursuing your goals because they think you are not strong enough, or are not smart enough, or not knowledgeable enough, then you just gave some of your coins to that person. If you blame your boss because you have not just got a promotion so you do not have enough money to buy a new car, then you just gave some of your coins to your boss.

It would be a wise decision if in pursuit of your goals you invest your coins in a way that does not care about the words of the person who belittles you, instead it becomes your burning spirit to prove to them that his words are wrong.

It would be a wise decision also if in your business to buy a new car, you are looking for other sources of income. So you will get a new car no matter you are promoted or not.

4. Do not Be Too Serious With Your Life

Although in my previous articles, I often encouraged you in achieving your goals, it is important to remember that there is another life besides your great purpose. You have to live a balanced life, not just stuck with your dreams. Do not work too hard to pursue a promotion, so you forget the time for a vacation, play with your kids on weekends, and do your hobbies. If you're interested, you can get the ebook 'How to Maintain a Life Balance' at reach-impian.com, which is an ebook bonus if you buy the main book.

5. Do not Give Up On Your Dreams

I'm sure you've grasped the meaning of the title above, so I do not have to explain too much more.
As Norman Vincent Peale says: "If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up.