9 Steps Toward A Positive Mental Attitude

9 Steps Toward A Positive Mental Attitude
9 Steps Toward A Positive Mental Attitude

I just finished reading a book titled Keys to Positive Thinking by Napoleon Hill and Michael J. Ritt, Jr. I think this book is one of the great positive books.

In this blog post, I will fill it with a summary of what I read in that great book

here's 9 Steps to Positive Mental Attitude:

Step 1: Master Your Mind With Full Confidence

There is only one way to a positive mental attitude: You must control your mind with confidence. Our mind is the greatest miracle in the universe.

Everyone has an amazing treasure of the brain and nerves. All normal people in principle inherit the power to accomplish everything that has been achieved by others or is trying to reach other people. We have the power to direct your passion, emotions, instincts, trends, feelings, moods, attitudes and behaviors toward an end result. It's up to you how to use all of this.
To fend off all negative things, always affirm it like this:
"My mind is mine, I will control it!"

Step 2: Set Your Mind on What You Want and Get Rid of What You Do not Want

Most of the ways we think will be replaced by words, but the deepest motivational thoughts are usually images, not words. If an idea arises, it is usually an image, not as a series of sentences that run in our heads. Images are the earliest and most powerful way of thinking.

Therefore, we must learn to discipline our thoughts and visualize the things you want. Do not let the environment or others dictate a negative image to us.

Step 3: Apply the Main Law

Treat others like you want to be treated. Instead do not treat others badly if we do not want to be treated that way.

Look for good things in every person and every situation consistently.

Step 4: Get Rid of All Negative Thoughts Through Self-Examination

Most people do not realize that they are thinking negatively unless they consciously seek to examine their own thoughts, actions and reactions. Simply ask ourselves, "is this positive or negative?". When we fail to master our minds, our reactions tend to be negative.

The more we practice using a positive mental attitude, the sooner we realize the emergence of negative thoughts.

Step 5: Blessed! Make others happy!

So we feel happy, behave like happy people! To be passionate, we must act vigorously.

You will eventually experience a sense of happiness and spirit that will be seen by itself without you having to focus on it.

Step 6: Form a Habits of Tolerate

Think open to others. Try to like and accept others as they are and not to demand or hope they can be what we expect them to be. Seek goodness in others and learn to like others.

Here are a few excerpts from Napoleon Hill: "How long, oh God, we weak creatures will realize our ignorance by trying to destroy each other because of differences in religion and race?"

Love and love create a mental and physical environment in which a positive mental attitude can develop. Every day, do something good.

Step 7: Give Positive Suggestions On Yourself

Suggestion is a certain stimulus that is sent to your brain through the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell. They are the paths used by external elements to influence our lives every day. During this process we can control, try to make what goes in your five senses is something that is useful and gives happiness. Take beautiful things only.

Step 8: Use the Power of Prayer

When you pray, believe in what you ask for. In every storm, your soul will be protected from a prayer.

Step 9: Set Goals

Setting goals is one way to keep our minds fixed on what we want, and to stay away from the things we do not want. Write down your goals in a piece of paper. Visualize yourself achieving this goal. Make a plan to achieve those goals, then turn the plan into action.

Okay as usual the dear readers, try to do what you can do first, step by step. Positive thinking and action are shaped through a repetitive activity and eventually become a habit.

Hope it useful for all Reader.