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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Difference Between Focus On The Problem And Focus On The Solution

The Difference Between Focus On The Problem And Focus On The Solution
The Difference Between Focus On The Problem And Focus On The Solution

I got this article from a colleague several years ago. Yes, it has been a very long time, and I found this article unintentionally while I was tidying the files in my notebook. I think this article is quite useful for me to share with the readers. The original article is in English. The original source is unknown.

Let's look together:

Case 1

When NASA sends its astronauts into space, they discover the fact that the pens cannot be used on zero gravity (ink will not be drawn out). To solve this problem, they do research for about 1 decade and cost $ 12 million (equivalent to Rp.120 billion with an exchange rate of $ 1 = Rp.10.000, -).

They designed a pen that can be used on zero gravity, facing upwards, even in the water, on any surface (including glass) and a cold temperature of 300 degrees Celsius below zero.

And What do the Russians do?

They use pencils.

Case 2

One of the most famous case studies in Japanese management is the case of an empty soap box, which takes place at Japan's largest cosmetics company.

The company received complaints from consumers that the soap they bought was empty.

Soon the customer complaints section went directly to the field to the packaging section of the product. The product packaging section is the last line of the production process before heading to the product delivery section.
They then discover that there is indeed an empty soap box that passes through the packing section, for some reason.

Management then asks its engineers to solve this problem. The engineers immediately did the research. They worked very hard and eventually found a high-resolution X-ray machine operated by two people to observe all the passing soap boxes, to make sure that the soapbox was not empty.

No doubt about the results they achieve. They have worked very hard and fast, but they also cost a lot.

In other parts of the world, a company with a much smaller scale finds similar problems. But they do not use a very complicated X-Ray machine. They try to do the solution in different ways.

They bought a very powerful special fan and put it at a point in the packing section. Once the fan is turned on, then an empty soap box and pass through the fan will soon fly in the wind.

What is the message to be conveyed from the 2 cases above?

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