11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 1)

11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 1)
11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 1)

The life we go through is not a smooth journey, there is a time when we are down and there is a time when we are above. Sometimes the fluctuations in our feelings are so fast and sharp.

The tips below will help you minimize these fluctuations. How you will have feelings of joy and remain positive.

In this article, I will divide it into 2 posts. Why is that? ... I want to try something that has just made it come together. If later you read the second post in point 10, there you will know that I am trying something new.
Here are 11 Tips that Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive:

1. Change your Desktop Wallpaper

Today computers are no longer a rare item and have become a daily necessity. It seems like we can't live without sitting at the computer. So why don't you change your computer's wallpaper with a positive or funny picture that will motivate or make you laugh every time you open your computer. I am sure your day will be much more cheerful.

2. Laugh out loud

Give yourself permission to laugh loudly. This is not like the life of a princess, where they hold their laughter slightly while covering their mouths with one hand. From now on, let go of your laughter. Laughter is the best medicine and of course, guarantees your appearance remains positive and cheerful.

3. Look for New Positive Friends

Joy and positive energy are contagious. Surrounding yourself with people who always think positively in every situation, will keep your positive energy flowing out. Positive people also have the habit of always smiling. The more smile, the more cheerful life!

4. Gardening ... Why not??

Don't underestimate gardening activities. Some experts actually suggest doing these activities if possible. Seeing the plants we plant and care for, finally flowering or fruiting is a very pleasant thing. Especially if after that we eat it.

5. Provide Time to Pamper Yourself

Time to pamper yourself is something that you also need to prioritize. Just like a cell phone, your spirit and soul also need to be recharged. Take your time to do things that make you happy. If you like a painting ... paint it! If you like reading novels ... read it! If you like climbing mountains ... climb! If you like going to a café enjoying live music ... go to the café. Whatever it is, take the time to pamper yourself. I am sure after that, you will have a new spirit.

6. Turn off the TV

What? ... But I like watching television.
Several times I reviewed in my articles before this, including in the book '85 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself ', try to remember again as long as you watch television, how much negative information you consume, such as murder, warfare, brawls, robbery, etc ... (I'm sure you can continue on your own). Something that enters the brain is negative, so the output will be negative.

Look forward to the continuation of my upcoming post. Stay with InspiraSense.com.

Okay readers, hope you have a positive and extraordinary day!