11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 2)

11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 2)
11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 2)

Thank you, you are still with InspiraSense.com. Below is a continuation of the article 11 Guaranteed Tips That Will Make You Smile and Stay Positive (part 1). Happy reading.

7. Walk

Traveling activities contain two main components in improving the quality of our lives, namely exercising and getting closer to nature. Exercising will make us happy and filled with positive feelings. So, today wear your sports shoes and enjoy a walk around the complex or to the nearest park.

8. Thank You Always

Starting and ending your day with thanksgiving I am sure will make you stay cheerful and positive. Just need a little time to do this, but it will have a big impact on your life, today and in the future. Enjoy your days and be thankful for all the beautiful things around you.

9. Give Your Time

Time is a very valuable thing for everyone. Often we hear people say that they don't have enough time and "if" they have more time. However, when they wake up the next day they still have the same time as yesterday, 24 hours.

I mean here, fill your time more meaningfully. Make every moment meaning not only for yourself but also for those who need it, for the people you love. Maybe you take the time to read stories to your beloved daughter before going to bed, maybe you spend time every week walking with your family, or maybe you take the time to take part in charitable/social activities.

Giving your time to improve the quality of life of others, will automatically improve your life personally. The result is you will smile more and be more positive.

10. Try Something New.

Trying something new will make life more exciting. No need to go far, we just start from the taste. Try to enjoy a new dish. When you think about visiting your favorite restaurant, sitting in your favorite chair, and ordering the dishes you usually order, try to think again. Go to a new restaurant and order a unique food menu.

There are many new things you can do in life, such as new hobbies, new collections, new books, and even new ways to get back to your home (taxi, bus, bicycle, etc.). Try to do something new every week, and after one year you will have 52 ways to keep you smiling and positive.

11. Use 1 Hour a Day to Build Yourself.

This is the most important of all. Committing to spend at least 1 hour to develop yourself is something that is very important for the quality of your life, just like the air for your lungs. If you do not develop, then you will not step towards your extraordinary potential. If you don't find your extraordinary potential, then how can you achieve what you want in life? Success is not luck, but it is achieved through a high commitment and dedication to yourself, your self-development and your determination to achieve the things you want.

Starting today, take your time at least 1 hour to develop yourself. See, listen and read books, stories, blogs, motivational CDs and DVDs. Fill your mind with positive things and look ahead to changes in yourself. Imagine in a week, you grow at least 7 times, 30 times a month and 365 times a year! Wow, amazing!!!

Before I end this post, I want to tell you a little about something I got when I attended the seminar Mr. James Gwee used to and happened to still stick to my brain until now. What I will tell you is still related to point number 11.

Mr. James said at that time, the average person spent 99% of his money to meet the needs of the human body starting from the neck down, such as to eat, drink, buy new clothes, new shoes, etc. Only 1% they spend on their brains such as books, songs or cd-cd motivation. Though the brain determines 99% of one's success!
Mr. James's message at that time, don't be stingy or feel a loss if you spend your money to get positive things.

Okay dear readers, hope my article this time gives tremendous benefits to you.