Happiness Is A Decision

Happiness Is A Decision
Happiness Is A Decision

On this occasion, I will discuss the topic of happiness. I will try to share my thoughts about happiness with all readers. Hopefully useful.

For me, happiness is a positive and exciting feeling, which every human can feel from his deepest heart. Many people try to find happiness in the wrong places and end up with a life that is far more suffering than before.

Why does this happen? ... This is because we look for it outside ourselves. We expect something or someone gives us that happy feeling.

A wise man named Rumi once said, "We are looking for a jewel necklace from the room to the room that is actually in our own neck." This is the same when we try to find happiness. We look for it "everywhere," and we never know exactly where happiness comes from.

I think you all agree that happiness does not depend on materialism, such as: driving a luxury car or having a prestigious title (although these things can bring pleasure to your life).

Happiness is not dependent on other people like you have important people in your life (even though love and the presence of these people can add to the joy).

Happiness is not dependent on something that happens, for example: if you stay in a place, it will be good and if you leave the place, it will be bad.

Happiness is not to be found everywhere in the outside world.

The biggest obstacle to our happiness is wrong thinking from ourselves. For example thoughts about someone or something that makes you happy. Maybe you feel the joy of someone or something, but happiness is actually pseudo and temporary. When you are not with someone or something, that joy will go with him too.

I will give a little illustration to explain.

What is it about ... hmm ...
O yes, this is it: Have you ever felt a broken heart? I think most of them have experienced it. Usually, what do people do when they are heartbroken (including me of course)? I then went to the boarding house/friend's house and invited him to chat, play and go somewhere. Forgotten my sadness at that time. I am so happy with my friends. But when I returned home and myself, my sad feelings returned to envelop.

Actually, there is nothing wrong if you do the same thing as I did. But what I want to emphasize here is: Where can someone actually find happiness?

Stop looking for what you can actually find inside yourself. Make a decision to be happy.

Okay, let me repeat one more time:

Happiness depends on your own decision to be happy.

So happiness is a decision. Anytime, anywhere you can decide to be happy or not.

Okay, below is an acclamation. I quoted it from an outside article some time ago. Pretty good acclamation. You can repeat and read it aloud:

I, {your name}, decided to be happy now, regardless of the weather, other people, the world or whatever happened to me.

I am sure to know that God has given me the right to be happy.

Therefore, I claim that happiness is mine and I belong to happiness.